About us

About us

Company Background

Basic Asset Solutions was founded in 2008.

We have been involved in various contracts with a 
variety of companies and industries. We have a 
specialised team with over 17 years of experience in 
the field of fixed asset management.

What we specialise in

We specialise in fixed asset management.

Fixed asset management is the process that seeks to 
track fixed assets for financial accounting purposes, 
preventive maintenance, and theft deterrence. 

This process is to verify assets, label them, correctly 
locate them and then import this information to the 
AFS (annual financial statements) via the FAR (fixed 
asset register). We also consult on best practice with
regards to the implementation of practices and 

Profile presentation

For more detail, see this document:


We at Basic Asset Solutions pride ourselves on 
delivering a product that can be easily assessed,
applicable to your company and provide the 
necessary tools for asset management control.
Ongoing support and communication is part of our

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